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Müller puts a high value on corporate social responsibility (CSR). To do so, we support charities, but we also invest in sustainability. We play an active role in preserving the environment, but also the economy. That’s earned us the Lean & Green Star Award.


We pay great attention to managing environmental aspects. Hence, we invest proactively in environmentally-friendly delivery vehicles with EURO5 and EURO6 engines. We also use long heavy vehicles, because they have lower CO2 emissions due to their greater volume. Various innovations of our own also contribute to reducing our CO2 emissions.

Lean & Green Star

The Lean & Green Star Award is a symbol recognising the achievement of a reduction of at least 20% in CO2 emissions in five years. By achieving this award we have demonstrated our commitment to a more sustainable logistics process. We actually succeeded in in reducing CO2 emissions by 36% over a 3-year period!

Green electric trailer
Müller uses green trailers that are equipped with an electric motor instead of a diesel engine. With this green trailer we save around 20 liters of diesel per day and there is no emission of CO2 and particulate matter – therefore zero emission! The energy for this engine is supplied by reclaimed braking energy. The braking energy is collected in a battery that supplies the cooling motor with sufficient energy.

Solar panels

A large solar park has been invested in the new cross dock center and the existing cold store in Lekkerkerk, which means that more than 1 million kWh (kilowatt-hour) of electricity can be generated each year. A solar park will also be built on the 4,000 m2 new building of Müller ETTC in Holten. This will be ready in 2020.

CO2 compensation
We take 100% responsibility for our own emissions and contribute to combating climate change with CO2 compensation. Müller is participating in Shell’s CO2 compensation program for this. The CO2 released during road transport is, for example compensated by protecting and planting forests in Peru. Müller was one of the first large logistic service providers to compensate its total diesel consumption at Shell. Read more about the Shell program.


Müller Fresh Food Logistics is also active on a social front with for example social work place KonnecteD from Deventer. With this relationship, Müller and KonnecteD underline the importance of the reliability of people who are lagging behind in the labor market in the labor process. KonnecteD supports various projects. For example, in collaboration with KonnecteD, packaging work is carried out all year round for our customer Tony’s Chocolonely.

KonnecteD stands for sustainable entrepreneurship with head and heart. At KonnecteD, sustainable craftsmanship is central, manufactured by professionals at a distance from work in a protected environment. Read more at:


  • Voedselbank
  • KWF Kankerbestrijding
  • Stichting Canadese begraafplaats Holten
  • Unicef


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